Performance Specification

Item  Specification Declare
Execution speed  0.05μs/basic instruction  
Program language  LD(ladder) + FBD(function block) + IL( instruction list) Accord with IEC 61131-3
Program capacity  48K  
Storage Method  Flash ROM permanent storage, dispense with backup battery  
X External input X0~X1023 Support edge catch and signal filtering set
Y External output Y0~Y1023 Power-off preserve output can be configured
Auxiliary relay  M0~ M12287 Power-off preserve area can be set freedom 
(default power-off preserve) M1536~M2047
Timer (output coil)  T0~T1023 Power-off preserve area can be set freedom, time base: 10ms, 100ms, 1s be set freedom,T252~T255 1ms 
(default power-off preserve) T96~T127
Counter (output coil)  C0~C255 Power-off preserve area can be set freedom 
(default power-off preserve) C64~C127
Step state bits  S0~S2047 Power-off preserve area can be set Freedom 
(default power-off preserve) S156~S255
SM System state bits SM0~SM215  
LM Local relay LM~LM31  
AI Analog input register AI0~AI255 Support quantities convert, sample times and zero point correct
AQ Analog output register AQ0~AQ255 Support quantities convert, power-off preserve output can be configured
Internal data register  V0~V14847 power-off preserve area can be set freedom 
(default power-off preserve) V1000~V2047
TV  Timer (Current value register)  TV0~TV1023 Power-off preserve area can be set freedom, time base: 10ms, 100ms, 1s can be set freedom, T252~T255 1ms 
(default power-off preserve) TV96~TV127
CV  Counter (Current value register)  CV0~CV255 Power-off preserve area can be set freedom, CV48~CV79 are 32 bits, Other are 16 bits 
(default power-off preserve) CV64~CV127
SV System register SV0~SV900  
Lv Local Register Lv0~Lv31  
P Indexed addressing point P0~P9, use for indirect addressing  
I Interrupt I1-I52  
LBL Lable 255, use for program skip  
Communication port   MPU built-in 2 communication port (RS232/RS485), Max 5 communication port (RS232/RS485) Extension Can be used for programing or networking (master/slave)
Communication protocol   Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, freedom communication protocol, Haiwellbus speed communication protocol, Baud rate 1200~115200bps  
PLC network capacity   PLC communication address can be set external set, Max 254, support 1: N, N: 1, N: N network  
Real time clock (RTC)   Display: year /month /day /hour /minute /second /week Built-in battery
Float point arithmetic instruction   Support within 32 bits float point arithmetic, integer/float point convert arithmetic  
Password protect   Support 3 level password protection: Program file password, Program block password, PLC hardware passwordand upload prohibited function  

Power specification

Item  AC Supply DC Supply
Input power supply  AC100~240V  
Power supply frequency  50~60Hz ---
Instant surge  MAX 20A 1.5ms @220VAC MAX 20A 1.5ms @24VDC
Power output  MAX 25VA ---
Permit Power supply lost  20ms within @220VAC 10ms within
Fuse capacity  2A,250V 2A,250V
Action (working) specification  When input power voltage rise to 95~100VAC, PLC will be run, when input power voltage drop down to 70VAC, PLC will be stopped. ---
Output power supply   5VDC for CPU 5V,-2%~+2%,1.2A(maximum) 5V,-2%~+2%,1.2A(maximum)
24VDC power supply for output and Extension modules 24V, -15%~+15%, 500 mA(maximum) 24V, -15%~+15%, 500mA (maximum)
24VDC power supply for input and external device 24V, -15%~+15%, 200mA(maximum) Direct use the 24VDC input power supply
Isolation model  Transformer/photo electricity isolation, 1500VAC/1 minute No electrical isolation
Protect the power supply  DC24V output over the limit of the current DC power input polar against, over voltage

Product environment specification

Item  Environment Specification
Temperature/Humidity Working temperature: 0 ~ + 55 ℃ storage temperature: - 25 ~ + 70 ℃ and humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH, no condensation
Anti vibration 10~57Hz range 0.075mm,57Hz~150Hz acceleration 1G,X, Y, Z three axis 10 times each direction
Anti shock 15G, contiune 11ms, X, Y, Z three axis 6 times each direction
Anti jamming AC EFT: ± 2500V, surge: ± 2500V, DC EFT: ±2500V, surge: ±1000V
Over voltage capability Between AC terminal and PE terminal 1500VAC,1min,Between DC terminal and PE terminal 500VAC,1min
Insulation impedance Between AC terminal and PE terminal@500VDC, >= 5MΩ (Between all input/output terminal and PE terminal@500VDC)
Earth The third grounding (Cannot connect to the strong power system’s earth)
Operation environment Operated where no dust, moisture, corrosion, electrical shock and physical shock ,etc.